Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 is going out with a bang!

I know what I think when I read some of these end of the year letters...blah blah, ya your great, good for you in a snarky voice in my head. But this year I feel the need to write one so i apologize in advance lol.

We have had our list of trying years with loss of parents and the awful job market. My husband trying to support a growing family while getting a masters, working full time and supporting his crazy wife trying to get her photography biz off the ground. But those trying times are what really make years like this year really feel good and rewarding.

This is the first year I honestly just sat back and was like nope i don't need anything, yes i have my wants still (and no you may not take back my presents if you got me something lol)  I feel sorry for people who always NEED something more to be happy. I see people I knew from high school make it through some really serious medical issues this year or sick babies and I just go: wow look how strong they are, this is supposed to happen to old people not us in our 30's. But I have also watched them grow and they can say too I have had my trying years and this year will be great. Because you go through those bad times you can really love the good times.

As a photographer my most rewarding part of my job this year was just recently when  I shot a wedding. There were so many of my former couples there and it was like a mini reunion. They were happy to see me and I was so happy to talk with them and see what awesome couples they had turned into. It seriously almost made me cry on the way home because it was my moment of ...they really did like their photos and liked working with you... you are a good photographer. And I don't mean that in a conceded way but I'm just always hard on myself and worry so much that my customers wont like something I've done. The money of course is nice but I can honestly say my connections with my clients and the referrals mean the most to me. I also got to see my first group of Adjoin Photo Grow with me babies turn one! It is the coolest thing watching a baby grow and capturing their entire year that goes by way too fast! I had a couple clients thank me this year too because a loved one past away and they were so grateful to have a photo I took of a memory that is worth more than anything else now.

If it wasn't for my mom sending me to school, watching my mistakes and nudging me on and being our babysitter for all those weddings we do, my gram listening to hours of my drama and my grandpa telling me to go for it and open my own business and my husband for always supporting my crazy ideas (my best friend, brother and countless other supporters) I don't know what I would be. But I think where i came from is why I am the photographer and business person I am today. I worked for a company that sold their photos for $68 a 8x10 and saw the heartbroken looks on their faces when they couldn't afford to buy more than one of their 40 + photos of their kids or family. I have also been on the other side of that table and know how it feels. This is the hardest part of business for me because i wish i could do it for free...but I have a family to provide for too and so i try to keep my prices low and have a happy medium. 

This year was a big one for my family baby turned one and started walking and talking. And my seven year old continued to get all A's and amaze me all the time with the stuff he knows. Adjoin did awesome this year with the most ever sessions! And my husband graduated with his masters and got a new job at a great Architect firm. Ok i am done with the my family is so great bla bla bla but like i said we are not perfect and we have gone through our good amount of crap to get to this point so sometimes you need to celebrate the good ;-) 

 THANK YOU to everyone who made this the best year for us and Adjoin! It was truly an awesome year and can't wait for 2015!